We analyze our clients needs and define the best solution to collaborate
with the improvement of their products and processes

Automation Testing
Automation testing is one of the most common practices today, focused on those repetitive tests, generating great benefits to the company in terms of efficiency, time saving, costs savings associated with the testing process and quality improvement of the products.

At hiChex, we collaborate in the automation process from the early design stages to the deployment of the solution, determining those tests that require automation, selecting the best tools and designing the most appropriate framework to meet the objectives set.

Compatibility Test
Through compatibility tests we can verify the operation of the system in different environments, that is, different devices, operating systems, browsers and locations. The objective is to guarantee the correct operation of the application in all those environments in which it is defined as necessary.

We collaborate in:
  • Execution of tests (automated and manual) on different physical or virtual devices.
  • Multiple browsers and operating systems.
  • Different geographical locations. 
Functional manual testings
Manual software testing continues to be an important part of the testing process for all those verifications that are performed sporadically or only once, for small projects where it is not profitable to implement test automation.

To interact with the application from the point of view of the end user or exploratory testing, we can implement this testing technique, the oldest and no less effective.
At hiChex we carry out the design of manual tests, according to the objective set and the instance of the test process that the client needs to incorporate it.
Performance Testing
Performance tests allow applications to be analyzed under different operating conditions, different workloads, or situations that may cause degradation in their performance.
The definition of these tests requires an exhaustive analysis of the functionalities, the expected behavior of the application and the business.

Through the implementation of different tools, we design the strategies to carry out the tests and we monitor your application in search of bottlenecks, weaknesses in your infrastructure and we collaborate in optimizing its performance.